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Paula Jai Parker

Andres Aquino

Meredith O'Connor

Couture Fashion Week

Bronx Fashion Week

Bellevue Fashion Week

Sole Commerce Trading Show

Atlanta Fashion Lounge

Key Club Dancers

Sin City Dancers


Spark conversations and inspire the imagination. Help build confidence and self esteem. Capture one's characteristics and personality, and transform it into art for shoes.


Harnessing creativity and perfecting the craft with practical experience.

Like what you see?

view my portfolio. Then, let my shoes tell your story.


Being able to wear fashionable and impressive looking shoes, is the way to live life.


Every shoe design is done by hand. Every shoe design is different and unique. Every shoe design tells it's own story.

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Vivid imagery for custom shoe design

About Stacy Cole

Since the age of 17, Stacy Cole has been creating eye catching designs by hand. Her shoe designs does not only capture the human eye, it also leaves a lasting memory. When it comes to customizing shoes, she is a true artist. A true artist, that is willing to go above and beyond, to make sure all designs capture the true essence and uniqueness of her clients idea(s).